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The initiative is a non-profit organization/event that aims to raise funds for orphanages and shelters around Cape Town. The entertainment-based organization raises funds for underprivileged communities by hosting biweekly events around Cape Town that provide some of the best entertainment on the event calendar.

Each event/party under the SGS brand has a small cover charge and all proceeds made at the door go towards the initiative. The entertainment is provided by established performers from around Cape Town but the organization aims to create a platform for upcoming artists in the industry. 

Every other week, the team members of the organization visit a selected shelter with purchased goods that would prove to be resourceful to their current environment. 


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SomethingGoodSundays events happen every second Sunday at a standard venue. Each event promises a vibrant atmosphere and a great mix of people from all stretches of life. To keep your ear closer to the ground regarding food specials, bar specials and the line up for every event, be sure to like our Facebook page at the following address:


Each event has a standard cover charge of R30. Any donations above the cover charge are more than welcome. 


Below you will find a map and more information on our upcoming events for the year. This will be updated on a regular basis to keep you in the loop for all our events.



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The social development sector of SGS makes up the heart and core of the organization. It is the very reason why the organization was founded in the first place; that is to change the lives in underprivileged communites around Cape Town and eventually South Africa. 

Every SGS event raises enough funds for the team to visit a shelter or old age home every other Sunday with food, clothing and useful resources in hand.

2014 proved to be an eyeopener for the entire team but also proved to be the fuel needed for an even bigger year in 2015. The response from every shelter and home visited was truly remarkable and has definitely encouraged the SGS team to push into the depths of undrprivileged communities to ensure that more lives are touched by the SGS legacy. Here are a few pics from our visits in 2014/2015


Meet The Team

Ashton abels

Omega abels

Warren alexander

Al postman


Donate the change

The SGS events has seen an incredible response from the puclic at every event and every outreach that we've had to date. For those who can't make the events but would still love to donate to our initiative, please do so using the following banking details:


Banking details:

SomethingGoodSundays (NPO)

First National Bank

Cheque account

Acc No: 62550767613

Branch Code: 25065


If you have any queries about your donation, please don't hesitate to contact us using the email template provided below. We will get back to you promptly. 


If you have any questions about SGS and the initiative, please don't hesitate to contact us using the email template or following contact details:


Ashton Abels

Cell: 083 543 9667



Twitter: @ashtonabels