Let's meet the team

Ashton Abels

Ashton Abels in a DJ/entrepreneur in the city of Cape Town. Over the last 16 years, Ashton has established himself as one of the most sougt after DJ's in radio and on the live platform. Born in the suburb of Bonteheuwel, Ashton has always had his eye on imrpoving the fabric of society in the depths of underprivileged communities. It took a while to find the right people and environment but after a few years Ashton combined his love for entertainment with his heart for community and social development; SGS was born. 

Omega Abels

For Omega, being part of SomethingGoodSundays is nothing less than gratifying for her. It's always been something she wanted to get involved in, as she's dreamt of volunteering for an NPO. At her previous company she was part of the organizers of Social Responsibility campaigns such as Madiba Day etc. where the public provided donations to orphanages and spent time with children. The impact of these outings remained very close to her heart. SGS was the perfect platform for her to continue this influence and continue on a commuinty-changing path. 

Warren Alexander

Warren's profile will be available soon.

Al Postman

Al Postman is a biracial human, UCT graduate and corporate presenter in the Mother City, Cape Town. Born and bred in East London, Al made his way to Cape Town to pursue a career in radio and presenting. Over the last 8 years, he has developed for himself a reputation as one of the most competent and reliable MC's in the industry. Al was brought on board ​purely for his love of social development with experience in a number of social projects such as Educating Athletes and ​CodeTeen, and a number of socially conscious events over the years. ​Al established Black and White Brand Development in 2012 to assist small organizations and companies with brand strategy and development as long as the initiative improved the fabric of society.​

If you have any questions about SGS and the initiative, please don't hesitate to contact us using the email template or following contact details:


Ashton Abels

Cell: 083 543 9667

Email: info@somethinggoodsundays.org

Website: www.somethinggoodsundays.org

Twitter: @ashtonabels